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About Us

Founded in 1997, ATHENA Global Services was born as an independent company specializing in the distribution of computer security software. After more than 15 years of acquired experience and growth ATHENA Global Services has become more than just a business, AGS became a group. Combining all the skills necessary for your development and your security, ATHENA Global Services group supports you and advise you in securing your IT environment, in your business and marketing development as well as in a complete and transparent management of your customer relationships.

In ATHENA Global Services, we are committed and know that we have an important responsibility to society and our employees. We know that to maintain our market position and even increase, we need to create a true entrepreneurial part of sustainability. For us, this involves not only the respect of the environment and the society in which we operate in general, but also the personal development of our employees. Thus, our values ​​reflect the responsible company we aspire to become and are at the heart of all of our decisions.


The quality of our products & services
We select our products and employees with in mind the importance to always satisfy our customers.


Reactivity appeared to us for 15 years as a critical element of the satisfaction of all our customers. Thus, we are committed each day in order to meet your every need, as quickly as possible.


Continuous improvement
In ATHENA Global Services, we have the desire but also the ability to develop and integrate new ways to improve ourselves. That's why we ask you every day your opinion for our services to meet your needs.


Integrity and loyalty
True to our words, promises and agreements, these values ​​have enabled us to significantly grow over recent years. Proud of its integrity, ATHENA Global Services is one of the only IT security importers that has since its creation continuously respected its customers by maintaining its 100% indirect distribution style.

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